The Guardian Fleet

The Guardian Bus Company owns and maintains a fleet of over 500 buses and mini-wagons throughout Long Island.

We use these buses and mini-wagons to transport Long Island’s future minds to and from various schools and other educational institutions. This includes:

  • General Education Transportation
  • Special Needs Transportation
  • Adults With Disabilities Transportation
  • Field Trips
  • All Of Your Custom Charter Needs

To ensure we’re always equipped to handle each route, we staff a pool of spare vehicles that we can immediately pull, should an emergency of any sort occur. We also keep accurate maintenance records on all vehicles and employ certified mechanics that are the most qualified in the school bus industry.

To ensure our vehicles are always in the best possible shape, we have a complete body shop and repair facilities. Plus, we regularly conduct on-site maintenance work, using the most up-to-date computerized maintenance equipment to minimize potential breakdowns.

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